Hurricane Spin Scrubber Cleaning Brush Cordless and Rechargeable Power Scrubber

Product Code: Cleaning Power Scrubber
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Hurricane Spin Scrubber is the amazing, cordless and rechargeable power scrubber that does the hard work for you, FAST! The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is cordless and rechargeable. Just pop on the scrubberhead and watch the Hurricane Spin Scrubber’s cyclone power remove cut through mildew, grime, dirt, rust, hard water stains and much more and dirt and wipe out mildew. You can remove rust and hard water without harsh chemicals. Mildew in the grout and dirty fixtures are scrubbed clean in just seconds! Hurricane Spin Scrubber's powerful spin and flexible bristles mold into cracks and crevices to dig out dirt, grime and mildew. With the Hurricane Spin Scrubber, cleaning the bathroom has never been easier!

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